Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains in convenient capules or gummies. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day.

Research Shows Us What Juice Plus+ Does in the Human Body

We Know That In 28 Days Your Blood Is Going to Change and Your Immune System Will Be More Efficient!!!

FAQ and Details to Note:

When I take Juice Plus+ do I still need a multivitamin? 

NO, you will now receive your vitamins from the real food source.

Children receive their supply of Juice Plus+ gummies or capsules for FREE with each adult order! http://r-a4.juiceplus.com/us/en/get-started/chs_participate


They need to be RAW because enzymes are only found in RAW foods. Enzymes act as catalysts for the 10,000 functions per second that our cells undergo. Cooking destroys enzymes. Meat is cooked, milk is pasteurized, grains are baked, and nuts are roasted. Fruits and vegetables are the only other source of enzymes, and most of us cook those too.

• VARIETY is important. Each fruit and vegetable has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and trace elements. Most people eat only the 3 or 4 fruits and vegetables they like. They may be missing some important fuel. Kale is the #1 anti-cancer vegetable. How often do you eat kale?

• Produce needs to be VINE RIPENED. Not only does this create the beautiful bright colors of our fruits and vegetables it allows the nutrients to develop in the food so our bodies can absorb them.

• Fruits and vegetables need to be FRESH! 75% of the nutrients are lost within 5 days after picking. Most of the produce in the market was picked weeks ago, before it was ripe and before the nutrients had a chance to develop. Then it was allowed to sit on trucks and in warehouses where even more nutrients were lost. 

• Juice PLUS+ is REAL FOOD. It is composed of 17 raw (chemical and pesticide free) fruits, vegetables and grains which are grown in nutrient dense soil, allowed to ripen on the vine, picked and juiced within 24 hours. It was developed to fill the gap between what we actually eat and what we truly need for good health.


The Juice Plus+ Trio which includes the orchard, garden and vineyard blends is the most comprehensive choice. You have the option to go with the trio blend OR only with the orchard and garden blend.


Your Juice Plus+ capsules will arrive all at once as a four month supply. You are billed in 4 monthly installments. After four months, you will receive your next four month supply if you are ready, OTHERWISE you have the option to delay your next order or cancel. This can be accomplished by reaching out Necessary Nutrition, calling the Juice Plus customer service at 1-800-347-6350 or logging in to your personal Juice Plus account.


Email rda@nessynutri.com

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Take Ownership of Your Health Through PREVENTION!!

Dr. Candace Corson is a family medicine physician with an interest in nutritional medicine

Dr. Robert Avery is a medical oncologist at Cancer Care Center of Montgomery, Alabama, specializing in hematology and oncology. 

How Juice Plus is Made

What to Expect from taking Juice Plus+  

Every person who is taking or has taken Juice Plus may or may not feel a variety of effects. Some will experience an increase of energy in the first few days, while for others it may be a very gradual increase over months. Some of the many benefits reported by users of Juice Plus+ include:  

  • Increased energy levels Less colds and flu 
  • Better or more frequent bowel movements 
  • Quicker recovery from exercise 
  • Increased desire for fruits and vegetables 
  • Stronger, healthier skin, hair, nails 
  • Weight loss, and loss of inches General sense of well-being  

However, these are an added bonus to the real effect of Juice Plus+. If none of the above occur, this can be quite normal as well. Remember, it takes at least four months to get positive changes in most cases. The real effect of Juice Plus+ cannot be seen or felt; this is protection against oxidative, age-related and degenerative health problems, which happens very slowly over a long time; and prevention of disease over-all.  

We all need at least 9 to 13 servings (U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 from the U.S. Departments of Health & Human Services) of fresh, raw, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables every day for this protection. Juice Plus+ provides the nutritional equivalent of many of those servings! We need these antioxidants and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables daily but in our fast-paced society, we miss out on eating anywhere near enough.  

If we were to go without enough sleep for a couple of days, we would feel no real effect, but poor sleep habits over years would certainly make us feel worse. If every day our body’s cells are being damaged due to oxidative stress (the major cause of degenerative disease) and we are not protecting our body, what is the logical outcome??—Disease itself. It is said that without eating at least 7 servings of fresh, raw, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables per day, we may as well stand unprotected in front of an x-ray machine 24 hours per day. The damage to the cells would be the same.  

Juice Plus+ will slow down the aging process and greatly reduce your chance of having degenerative health problems, but needs to be taken regularly (daily). It is not a medication, but a whole food supplement. Do not expect miracle cures, but think of it as your health insurance. This protection WILL happen even if you do not feel any noticeable improvement in your health or energy levels.  

I ask everyone to consider taking Juice Plus+ daily as it is the most well researched and scientifically tested nutritional product in history. We do (and pay for) so many negative things that damage our health, so, for your health’s sake, do something positive and preventive. The sad fact is that it is much harder to repair something that is already broken than to prevent it breaking in the first place. You have available a nutritional product that offers real protection at lowering the risk of degenerative disease---JUST TAKE IT.  


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